Zero-Day Subscription

Exodus ensures that each and every discovered vulnerability is relevant, reliable, exploitable and well-documented before distributing to Exodus customers.

Enable Strategic Advantage

The Zero-Day Subscription offers exclusive access to unknown vulnerabilities, discovered by the Exodus engineers. Our vulnerability intelligence reports detail critically exploitable flaws that affect widely used software, hardware, and embedded devices. Subscribers gain access to our library of more than 100 unique zero-day reports and corresponding mitigation guidance with a Snort or Yara rule for a plug-in solution to your existing products. We also provide PCAPs and a proof of concept for each report to enable our customers to properly test their defenses. This allows our customers to sleep well knowing their defenses are in place when the patch comes out and everyone else is scrambling to build protection.

Mitigate Unknown Vulnerabilities for High-Profile Vendors

Exodus Intelligence discovers zero-day vulnerabilities that are unknown to the public and, possibly, the vendor. Our Vault contains thorough documentation of every vulnerability with detailed exploit analysis and mitigation guidance.

Commercial Vendors

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • EMC
  • Novell
  • IBM, and more

Industrial Control Systems Vendors

  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Rockwell Automation, and more

Exodus Empowers Proactive Security


We provide in depth mitigation guidance as well as Snort or Yara rules to plug into existing defenses. Use the provided POC to test your implemented defenses.


We utilize expert reverse engineering and vulnerability research to “detect the undetectable” and help our customers thwart malicious cyber adversaries.


Exodus utilizes advanced proprietary reverse engineering tools, tactics, and techniques to discover, exploit, and deliver unknown vulnerability details to subscribing customers.

The Exodus Intelligence Vault

Our subscribers can access our library of vulnerability research through The Vault. Each Vulnerability Intelligence Package contains thorough documentation of the vulnerability with detailed exploit analysis and mitigation guidance.

The Vault was designed to prioritize decision-driving information in an easily navigable interface. Users can assess the criticality of the Vulnerability at a glance by reviewing:

  • Vulnerability Timeline
  • CVSS Score
  • Privileges Gained
  • Attack Vector
  • Attack Impact
  • Affected Versions

Vulnerability Intelligence Packages

Exodus offers actionable intelligence that will allow you to test and optimize your defense, with precision. Every vulnerability is well documented and filed securely in the Exodus Vault. Our Vulnerability Intelligence Packages include:

Vulnerability Intelligence Report

Understand all aspects of the vulnerability

XML File

Integrate defenses into third-party detection, prevention and security integration products

Proof of Concept

Test your defenses with provided POCs

Network Packet Captures

See examples of both malicious and benign traffic

A Closer Look at the Vulnerability Intelligence Report

The written report is 15 to 30 pages covering all aspects of the vulnerability, including:

  • Affected products, versions, supported architectures, and hashes of binary files
  • Target market share, common usage, and typical deployment configurations
  • Technical information on the vulnerable components and enumeration of attack vectors
  • Disassembly and/or source code walkthroughs showing the flaw in the code
  • Detailed information on attack vectors and corresponding malicious network traffic
  • An explanation of the required exploitation process, including bypassing mitigations
  • Guidance on how to detect an attack in progress, as well as artifacts left behind in the case of a successful compromise
  • Insight into the requirements, reliability, difficulty, and likelihood of an attacker successfully exploiting the issue
  • Guidance on reducing or eliminating susceptibility to the flaw in place of an official patch from the affected vendor

Get Exclusive Zero-Day Vulnerability Intelligence

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