N-Day Vault Subscription

Exodus provides the ability to focus patching and mitigation efforts on which vulnerabilities are relevant, exploitable and affect most networks.

Don't Leave Your Cybersecurity to Vendor Patches

Exodus Intelligence’s N-Day Vault subscription includes vulnerabilities publicly disclosed by outside organizations or software vendors. Every vulnerability is analyzed, documented and enriched with mitigation guidance. Subscribers have access to an arsenal of more than 1300 vetted, reliable proof-of-concepts or exploits, reports and corresponding mitigation guidance to ensure defensive measures are properly implemented. Given the current climate and customer feedback, our N-Day team is focused on coverage of the CISA known exploitation list as well as high profile vulnerabilities.

Mitigate Vulnerabilities for High-Profile Vendors

Exodus Intelligence analyzes and documents vulnerabilities that impact business-critical systems. Our expert research covers a diverse set of enterprise software, hardware, common IOT and Industrial Control systems.

Commercial Vendors

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • EMC
  • Novell
  • IBM, and more

Industrial Control Systems Vendors

  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Rockwell Automation, and more

Gain Confidence in Your Cybersecurity


We do not just write up the vulnerability details, we provide a proof of concept or exploit for every vulnerability in order to demonstrate the potential impact of the vulnerability and give the customer the ability to test their defenses.


Failed patches leave organizations at risk. Exodus reviews publicly disclosed, exploitable vulnerabilities to verify patch effectiveness and provide corrective guidance to address the root cause of the vulnerability.

The Exodus Intelligence Vault

Our subscribers can access our library of vulnerability research through The Vault. Each Vulnerability Intelligence Package contains thorough documentation of the vulnerability with packet captures and a proof of concept or exploit.

The Vault was designed to prioritize decision-driving information in an easily navigable interface. Users can assess the criticality of the vulnerability at a glance by reviewing:

Vulnerability Intelligence Packages

Exodus offers actionable intelligence that will allow you to test and optimize your defense, with precision. Every vulnerability is well documented and filed securely in the Exodus Vault. Our Vulnerability Intelligence Packages include:

Vulnerability Intelligence Report

Understand all aspects of the vulnerability

XML File

Integrate defenses into third-party detection, prevention and security integration products

POC or Exploit

Test your defenses with working proof-of-concept or exploit code

Network Packet Captures

See examples of both malicious and benign traffic

A Closer Look at the Vulnerability Intelligence Report

The written report is 15 to 30 pages covering all aspects of the vulnerability, including:

Get Exclusive Zero-Day Vulnerability Intelligence

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